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Noah Centineo, saw in the credits of the series “The Fosters” and the romantic comedy “To all the boys I’ve loved”, is in negotiations to take the role in worship of he-man in the new live-action version of “Masters of the Universe”. Freeform/Vu Ngo, The new live-action version of Masters of the Universe, in the project for several years, she found his he-man ? Possible ! According to the website the Wra p, the young american actor Noah Centineo, saw in the credits of the series the Fosters and the romantic comedy To all the boys I’ve loved, is in negotiations to embody the character of worship on the big screen. Noah Centineo : his new film The Perfect Date in April on Netflix The feature film Masters of the Universe, produced by Sony Pictures and Mattel Films, will tell the story of Prince Adam, who transforms into a warrior called he-man and becomes the last hope of the magical land of Eternia, ravaged by technology and the evil Skeletor. Aaron and Adam Nee officiate behind the camera, with a screenplay rewritten by Matt Holloway and Art Marcum (Iron Man). The famous toys of the Masters of the Universe, who have seen the light of day in 1982, have been adapted on the small screen with an animated series cult, which aired between 1983 and 1985. A feature film shooting real has seen the light of day in 1987, with Dolph Lundgren in the role of he-man and Frank Langella in one of the villain Skeletor. Noah Centineo : 5 things to know about the star of”all the boys I’ve loved” and “Sierra Burgess Is a Loser” See the slideshow Slideshow Noah Centineo : 5 things to know about the star of all the boys I’ve loved and Sierra Burgess Is a Loser 5 photos

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Game of Thrones : 5 things to know on the Iron Throne
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Tomorrow belongs to us : what awaits you in episode 377 Monday, January 14, 2019 [SPOILERS]

The release date of the third installment of the saga Conjuring has just been unveiled. The horror movie will be visible in the dark halls to the academic year 2020. While Annabelle 3 is expected to be in our cinemas on July 10 next, Warner Bros has just announced the release date of the Conjuring 3. The new opus of the saga thrillers created by James Wan, will be released in our cinemas starting September 16, 2020. The feature film is directed by Michael Chaves – whose first film The Curse of the white Lady (which is part of the Universe Film Conjuring) comes out on April 17th. Of The Nun to Annabelle, the Conjuring-verse in chronological order according To our colleagues from Joblo, Conjuring 3 would take place in London in the 80’s. Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) should help to Bill Ramsey, a man possessed by a demon and was called “The werewolf of London”. The real démonologues have done to exorcise the man in 1989. The feature is expected to come in shooting in the month of June. While waiting for the return 2020, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga will be, for the first time, the hero of a spin-off of the franchise horror with Annabelle Comes Homes. The trailer of “Annabelle 3” Annabelle 3 – The House of Evil trailer VO

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You just can’t wait for the next episode of your favourite soap “A great sun” ? It is now possible to explore the suite a few days before the programming on France 2. Philippe Leroux/Studio-FTV If you are a regular reader of the daily soap opera of France 2, the programming of such A big sun has no secrets for you. Please be aware, however, that a different way exists today to allow you to see the episodes before they are broadcast to the antenna at 20.45. The suspense is too harsh ? You want to know what will be the outcome of a plot ? You want to know the truth about a case ? And if your favorite character will survive ? The ability to access the following episodes more quickly becomes a reality thanks to some operators. According to an article published by our colleagues from Télé Loisirs, an agreement between France 2, Orange and Channel VOD allows you to put at the disposal of the subscribers of these two networks, the episodes from such A large sun three days before their broadcast on television. The inédits are available via the VOD platforms of the two partners. It’s up to you ! A Great Sun : the trailer of the episodes from 8 to 12 April 2019, An If the Sun is high : the trailer of episodes from 08 to 12 April 2019

Suits renewed for a ninth and final season

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I want the sun of Francis Ruffin and Gilles Perret : "The film offers the possibility of having still images of the dissenting"
Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : a trailer for the cross-over lively event

The border is thin between the independent film and the blockbuster action and some filmmakers will not hesitate to take the plunge. On the occasion of the output of the tri-Border back on those authors who have gone to the cinema of the action brilliantly. J. C. CHANDOR WITH TRIPLE BORDER J. C. Chandor began his career in advertising, and it is in 2011 that it is launching in the cinema with Margin Call, which gives it a nice recognition in festivals. Two years later, his second feature film All Is Lost with Robert Redford is a sensation, but it is with A Most Violent Year as he gets consecration. The filmmaker is back this year with a pure action film, Triple Frontier, a project that was to be originally directed by Kathryn Bigelow, in which J. C. Chandor is a fan, as he has entrusted it to Allociné : “I have found Point Break when I was in high school and it has been a real revelation for me. At that time, I was at a turning point in my career : I had done three movies, that I had imagined and written. “This is a first for the developer that is launched into the adventure with pleasure : “I wanted this time make a feature film that the original idea does not belong to me. The agent, Tom Hanks has made me read the script and it made me think of several films that are fairly old. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre in particular. But it was also the occasion for me to speak about the United States and the war. I wanted to say something about this but without placing the action in a country at war. There was a click in my head. You know, this is not the kind of film that I would have written. I come from a military family and so I never would have thought to mix these two genres, a war movie and a film turning. But I liked this bias. It was the perfect opportunity to do something that I had done before.” DENIS VILLENEUVE SICARIO Metropolitan FilmExport, Since its beginnings in the 1990s, Denis Villeneuve offers unique pieces that will help him do the rounds of film festivals recognized. But this are the feature films Polytechnique (2009) and Incendies (2010) which brought him global recognition. It is in 2013 that it comes on the market in hollywood with Prisoners and Enemy, both with Jake Gyllenhaal. The success of the two movies pushes in 2015 to get started in the action movie with Sicario, presented at the Cannes film Festival. His style and staging impress, and make the blockbuster a movie more successful, thoughtful and visually stunning. Denis Villeneuve continues on this path with two other feature films : First Contact, and Blade Runner 2049. Since 2017, the filmmaker is working on a project for the adaptation of the novel Dune, by Frank Herbert. SAM MENDES WITH SKYFALL Francois Duhamel / Danjaq, LLC, United Artists Corporation, Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. After a beautiful start to a professional career in theatre, the british filmmaker behind the camera in 1999 with his first film American Beauty which met a great success and earned him the Oscar and the Golden Globe for best director. Sam Mendes will stage the musical Cabaret in Europe. The director continues his journey on the big screen with The Wedding rebels, Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, and Away We Go, before launching into a pure action film in 2013 : Skyfall, the 23rd pane of the adventures of James Bond. Acclaimed for his mastery of the achievement and its touch of modernity, the feature-length film has proved a huge success worldwide that will push Sam Mendes to re-enlist for 007 Spectrum two years later. STEVEN SODERBERGH WITH THE TRILOGY OCEAN’S Warner Bros. France Passionate of cinema since always, Steven Soderbergh is on hand short film format Super 8 before embarking on his first feature, Sex, lies and videotape, which earned him the Palme d’or at Cannes in 1989. Since this consecration, the director went on to success : Kafka, Gray’s Anatomy, Out of reach, Erin Brockovich, alone against all and Traffic, which earned him the Oscar for best director. In 2001, he then embarks with his friend George Clooney in the adventure Ocean s trilogy of action films of great stature, that reinvents the codes of the movies turning. Since then, Steven Soderbergh touches on all the genres brilliantly. MICHEL GONDRY WITH THE GREEN HORNET Sony Pictures Releasing France Officiant first film as a director very creative music videos in the 1990s, Michel Gondry launches out in the cinema in 2001 with Human Nature. The failure of this film philosophical pushes him to question before proposing Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in 2004 earned him the Oscar for best original screenplay. He then goes with The Science of dreams and Be kind, rewind, which still express more his style. In 2011, he tries to the blockbuster with The Green Hornet, a mixed experience for the director, even if he managed to affix his paw. Michel Gondry returns to independent cinema with the Foam of The days and Detour to work on the series Kidding with Jim Carrey in 2018. PATTY JENKINS WITH WONDER WOMAN Warner Bros France After several short films, indie filmmaker in the us has caused a sensation in 2003 with his first film Monster, inspired by the life of serial killer Aileen Wuomos. The main actress Charlize Theron, who embodies obtains numerous awards, including the Oscar for best actress. After this success, Patty Jenkins turns to the tv (Entourage, The Killing), and accepts in 2011 to showcase Thor : the dark World, The. But this first foray into the world of blockbusters is aborted due to disagreements, artistic. It will take until 2017 for that Patty Jenkins is chosen to make a film of heroic action and not only that : Wonder Woman. SUSANNE BIER WITH BIRD BOX Netflix Danish Director recognized, Susanne Bier made a splash at numerous festivals since the 1990s with dramas and comedy thrillers on the themes of family. It is in the 2000s that it has acquired a reputation in Hollywood with Brothers, who will be entitled to an american remake. The filmmaker then continues on its momentum with After The Wedding, and his first american film, Our memories burned. In 2011, she won the Oscar for best foreign film for Revenge. It is in 2018 that Susanne Bier is launched in his first action movie, post-apocalyptic, Bird Box, adapted from the novel by Josh Malerman and worn by Sandra Bullock. ALEJANDRO GONZÁLEZ IÑÁRRITU WITH THE REVENANT Twentieth Century Fox, The mexican film-maker dazzles Hollywood in 2000 with his first film Love bitches, revealing the actor Gael Garcia Bernal. His style is intimate particular seduced critics and the public, which pushes Alejandro González Iñárritu to shoot two other dramas in the United States, 21 grams and Babel. The last part of his now famous “trilogy of death” earned him global recognition and many awards. Since then, nothing stops the producer that goes on Biutiful with Javier Bardem and Birdman with Michael Keaton, which earned him the Oscar for the best director and best film. Strong of its success, he embarks on an action film technique in 2015, The Revenant, entirely shot in natural light with Leonardo DiCaprio . Mission accomplished for Alejandro González Iñárritu : the feature-length film is a success in public and criticism and allows the filmmaker to win the Oscar for best director.

Bohemian Rhapsody : an outing in China on a version censoring… homosexuality
Dirty John : the differences between the series and the true story