Gremlins : an animated series in development for the future platform-Warner

While Chris Columbus is currently working on a reboot of the franchise film, “Gremlins” could also soon invade the small screen in an animated series planned for the future streaming platform Warner. Warner Bros. In the context of the future streaming platform prepared by Warner, an animated series Gremlins is currently in development, according to Variety . After screaming with laughter and fear, the spectators of the ‘ 80s in the films of Joe Dante, the gentiles Mogwai (it should never get wet or feed after midnight), therefore, should return soon for new adventures on the small screen (in addition to the reboot in the cinema currently being developed by Chris Columbus, screenwriter of the saga). According to Variety , the series should be many years before the original films, to follow the adventures of Gizmo and a young Mr. Wing (the grand-father’s antique shop who had refused to sell the Mogwai to the father of Billy at the beginning of the first film). Likely to be co-produced by Warner Television and Amblin Television, the writing of the series was to have been made to Tze Chun, who has already worked on the script for Gotham and Once Upon a Time. Pending further information on the project (and a formalization of the part of Warner), (re)discover our Top 5 little things that you want to crush… Top 5 Emissions Bonus